Analysis of CWG IANA survey responses

Executive summary

During the ICANN Singapore meeting, the Cross Community Working Group (CWG) conducted a survey amongst ICANN participants on the 12th February 2015.

It was decided that each community should also have the opportunity to give their opinions and the CWG members of the ccTLD Community conducted a quick feedback survey from Friday 20th February until Wednesday 25th February 2015.

38 ccTLD Registry Managers responded, comprising 33 ccNSO members, 5 non-ccNSO members, 6 AFTLD region, 6 APTLD members, 20 CENTR members, 12 LACTLD region including 3 Caribbean ccTLDs. In some instances ccTLD Registries are members of more than one ccTLD organisation.

The format of the questions was formulated by the CWG and in some instances YES/NO answers are not applicable, so the comments submitted by the respondents are made public so analysis can be undertaken by the community.

We hope this assists formulate a transition proposal that meets the needs and expectations of the broad and diverse ccTLD Registry Community.