IANA Survey Observations


The purpose of this survey is to get insights from the ccTLD community on aspects of the transition of the oversight of the IANA function from the US Government to the multistakeholder community.


The information from this survey will provide input for the ccTLD representatives in the cross community working group (CWG). These representatives are tasked to put forward a proposal on the transition of the oversight of the IANA function on behalf of the ccTLD community.


For those not familiar with the proposed transition, please see https://www.icann.org/stewardship

CWG IANA Transition Survey conducted amongst the ccTLD Community from 20th February to 26th February 2015.

Executive Summary »

IANA Transition Survey conducted amongst the ccTLD Community from 31st October to 12th November 2014.

Executive Summary »

Special word of thanks to:

  • Don Hollander for consulting the community so widely and for drafting the actual questions.
  • Peter van Roste for assisting in making the “flow” of the survey work so well and to
  • Patrick Myles for setting up the Survey Monkey data capturing tool and for providing the raw data so efficiently following the closure of the Survey on the 12th November.
  • To the Regional organisations and ICANN for their outreach efforts and to fellow members of the CWG for conducting 5 Webinars to any answer questions Registry Managers may have – and to the participants in the Webinar(s).

Accuracy of data:

  • A number of bogus (and sometimes obviously fake) submissions were made revealed by examination of the submitting IP address and corroboration with the Registry – such bogus entries were removed.
  • Some Registry Managers are also ccTLD operators for multiple ccTLDs so only one submission was counted to avoid skewed data, but the sum total of all ccTLDs submitting was counted.
  • Some ccTLD staff submitted multiple replies, but only one response per ccTLD was accepted as part of the analysis.


  • The survey was available in multiple languages: French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian and the base language English.
  • Replies were received in all languages and webinars were held in English and Spanish across multiple time zones to accommodate participation during normal working hours.

Preliminary Analysis of the IANA transition survey.

  • 97 Registry Managers submitted valid responses
  • 11 supplementary ccTLDs were received from the same Manager
  • 7 IDN (cc)TLDs were received.

Total of 108 ccTLDs participated in the Survey with an additional 7 iDN (cc)TLDs